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A profile is a book about you used to show the expecting mom/family who you are and how she or the agency will select you to be the parents.

(In my opinion totally worth it to pay someone to do this for you). Its hard to talk about ourselves and be able to pull the important pieces of information out.

I highly encourage a professional to do your profile and be viewed by Love Grown for feedback. Please watch this video to help you too.

Create an outline  Have an idea of what you want to say to a potential birth mom. What about you sets you apart or makes you unique/different? I did a rough outline on a word document. Also, you can send the designer pieces of your autobiography (from the home study) especially where you write about each other as a couple/person. The designer of the profile should be able to guide you.


Photos Have some photos in mind (especially ones with other kids if you can).  If you do not have good quality photos of yourself, family, nursery, home, etc. Please hire a photographer. Please also make sure all your photos are not posed and stiff. Be sure to have candid photos.

As a photographer and adoptive momma I would be happy to look over your profile and provide feedback as well!

I can assist with creation on MixBook although I am by no means an expert. I highly recommend looking at others online from all different companies.

If you would like Kristin (birth mom, attorney, and owner of Evermore Consulting in FL) to design your profile on Mixbook she charges $250-$500. Her design company name is Luna Designs Co. She does amazing work and $250 is a very low cost compared to many companies including Nancy Drew suggested below. Once complete please order your book(s) then contact Mixbook and tell this its for an adoption profile to request the PDF of the book as well. Be sure to provide me a copy. 

Profile Design Companies I would recommend: Nancy Drew Creative Here is ours from our first adoption.

Nancy lives in my home state WI and is also an adoptive mom. She does a great job of pulling the details out that you might not consider.

Her design is more of a scrapbook feel.

Kindred & Co. The owner Hannah is incredible. She is an adoptive mom and works with Ashley Mitchell (birth mom and founder of Lifetime Healing) to review your profile. The design is more magazine style.


Adoption By Design-I don't know much about this company but they do serve all families and pricing is fair.

Recommended page numbers:

If you have kids 20-22 pages

Single person 15-17 pages

Couple with no kids 18-20 pages


Network & Share If you would like to contact other facilitators, agencies, or consultants to work with. Keep in mind they may charge fees as well. Also, please do your research on them. I'm also happy to chat about this and even offer suggestions of places to register with. Also, I may already have a relationship with a place so I don't want you paying for something you already get through me. Share your profile anywhere and everywhere (if you are comfortable) honestly it was nice to hear and have family/friend support and comment on Facebook etc.

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