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We want to adopt, where do we start?

First determine which type of adoption

-Foster (typically an older child, few costs to adoption)

-Domestic (infant newborn in the United States)

-International (outside of the United States)

We are happy to chat through any of these with you!


We are already working with an agency, can we work with you? Yes! Ideally the agency will license you and we will both assist in finding you match. Also here is a GREAT resource on what questions to ask agencies you want to work with! 

How long does the adoption process take? This really depends on you. How long you take to do the necessary steps and your specifications on your future child/relationship with expecting mom. Our goal is that your match would be quicker than if just with an agency as a multi agency approach.


What is the difference between Open vs. Closed adoptions? Open means you have some type of contact with the birth family after placement such as photos, videos, face time, visits, etc. and can vary greatly on the relationship. Closed means there is no contact. Love Grown will advocate for open adoption but we also do not want you to agree or do anything you are not comfortable with. In certain circumstances closed is the best for all or requested by the birth family. Open adoption is proven to be better for the adoptee. 


What if Expecting Mom decides to parent? We will help you through this (grieving and celebrating her decision.) The agency will usually place you on a high priority list for upcoming births. The return/rollover fees vary by agency and we will continue to work with you even after you have baby home!

How does an Expecting Mom choose an adoptive family? An expecting mom will view your profile (if you decide to present to her) and decide. Sometimes she may ask the agency to select for her. She may be looking for certain things such as a stay at home parent, a certain religion, etc. Something in your letter or profile may just stick out to her too. As a consulting company we work with all clients inclusively no matter religion, sexual orientation, relationship status (if you are single), age, etc. We will also assist you on profile feedback/guidance and what to write to the expecting family.

How much does adoption cost? 

National average is $40,000 and range anywhere from $20-$60,000.

This question is also difficult to answer because it really does depend on the route of adoption, the agency you are working with, the state you are in, etc. Every state has its own laws on expenses. Every agency has their own fees/rates.  I will also add that probably doesn’t consider the costs of travel (if the couple is traveling/staying in another state during state clearance.) This is also why our consulting fee is the lowest in the adoption industry because this is a passion not for a profit. I also understand firsthand the  financial burden of adoption.

Adoption Consulting

Why does it cost so much?

GREAT QUESTION. Typically, the biggest costs come from the agency. Agency adoptions’ costs may be higher because they oversee the relationship, guidance, and counseling for the expecting mom and the adoptive couple. The lawyers assist in the court hearing and legal finalization of the adoption. Each state has their own laws on if they have a cap limit (some do not) on expecting mom expenses. These expenses may include housing, food, transportation, phone, etc. and are responsible for the adoptive couple to pay. This also depends on when you are matched with the expecting mother in her pregnancy. Some couples do independent adoption not through an agency (meaning they find their own expecting mom without an agency). This however comes with its own risks, longer wait potentially, and in some states (like mine) independent adoption is illegal. Other costs come from the home study, advertising, profile design, and travel expenses. As a client we will help you with financial education, budgeting, grants/scholarships, fundraising, tax credit, and if need be private loan information.

How do I get started with Love Grown Adoption Consulting?

Fill out our Inquiry Form or email us.

We are happy to set up a FREE consultation call as well.

Once you have filled out our contract, application, and paid our fee you are a full-fledged Love Grown client. 

Here is a great adoption resource Love Grown Adoption Consulting

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