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Our Services

-Adoption Terms, language, requirements, process and types of adoption

-Grants, scholarships, tax credit, and other financial resources

-Home study (we assist you in finding a place for your home study)

-Guide you through any home study questions and state laws

-Assistance in creating your adoption profile

-Discuss presenting your profile to expecting moms

-Walk through any scenario you are interested in chatting about further

-Viewing expecting mother scenarios and presenting

-Once matched we are with you every step of the way

-Assistance in preparing/packing and traveling

-Guide you through state clearance (ICPC questions) and finalization

Our Fees

-$50/hour consulting fee if you have not signed with us

-$2,000 for a year contract with us

To get started with Love Grown please fill out our inquiry form and/or schedule our consult call. We need, Application, Contract, and Fee 

Then you are officially a Love Grown Client!

Additional Features:

$250 Profile Assistance or $500 for book

$50 Back to Basics Education through LifeTime Healing discounted

(required if you have not adopted before).

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