Alternative Low Cost List: 

Attorney: Kim Gossett Phone: (904) 372-0185 $150 waiting family fee Kim has stated that she matches on average 12-24 expectant mothers per year. 

Adoption Authority Jacksonville FL $500 to register with them as a waiting family:

A Bundle of Joy Adoption Referral (based in NC) ($100) should be submitted via the website by clicking the application link. They would also need an electronic copy of the profile. If matched, the $2,000 fee is due to A Bundle of Joy for networking & referral efforts. 

Destiny Adoption $1000 to be a waiting family and total costs are higher around $40-50,000.

Gift of Life Adoptions $500. They have 40-50 placements per year. 

Mother Goose Adoptions $100 waiting family fee Married, Traditional families ONLY They do process A LOT of situations, however, they only have a few per year that are great cases. You will want to apply ASAP to the cases that are great budget/time frame (with in minutes). Will need 6 books to send to them.

A Guardian Angel Agency in UT $750 to register with them

Premier Adoption Agency NV $450 sliding scale on income adoption costs

An Act of Love in UT $375 to register with

Adoption Life in UT

Heart to Heart FL IL UT $350 to register with

Heart of Adoptions in FL 150 placements per year $950 to register

Martin Pringle Attorney KS & MO

Florida Adoption Center $35-45,000 total costs/12-15 placement $250 to register with

 Heaven Sent Referral

$200 No fees due up front, seems very low risk. Unsure of how many situations. Once chosen they charge $1,500 match fee.

Adoption Authority Jacksonville FL $500 to register with them as a waiting family:

*I have had a family adopt through them with a good experience however I have had feedback twice now (more recently that the case workers were not good to work with, Linda specifically and they don't handle situations well.

Adopt Match and Adopt Connect:

These resources allow you to open your profile to more expectant parents and continue communication post-adoption.​

  • "AdoptMatch is an online platform that connects expectant mothers considering adoption with ethical adoption agencies and attorneys working with home study approved adoptive families."

  • "AdoptConnect offers a user-friendly, confidential platform where photos, videos and updates are digitally stored, AdoptConnect eliminates the typical challenges of post-adoption contact and paves the way for positive communication for years to come."

Self Match Tips:

A Private facebook page tthat you pay to advertise on Facebook.

A dedicated website of our adoption page.

Join Adoption scam groups on facebook

Reach out to all adoption attorneys.

Make business like cards with your website/Facebook account that you can hand out. 

Consider going on

Things to avoid or be aware of: - many families have reported only scams on this site. 

    Also if someone sends you a picture you can do a reverse image on google, and if they have no social media its a huge red flag.

Get proof of pregnancy EARLY and it is a must. Have a separate phone line for them to call so you are not giving out your phone number and a separate email account to write from so you are not sharing personal email addresses.

   We have also made business like cards with our website/Facebook account that we hand out. Social media has been huge, we have gotten contacted a few times but birth moms have been drug addicted.

Other suggestions:

Adopt Match Agencies:  

Adopt Match Attorneys:

Help Us Adopt Professional Council :

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