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Alternative Low Cost List: 

I have a list of places I can provide you to look at to register with. I hope with my low cost fees compared to other consultants it provides you some financial wiggle room to register with a couple other agencies or places. Fees range from $100-$950. I can also provide you a custom list based on your budget and preferences (for example if you want to attempt to match closer to where you live) as well.

Adopt Match and Adopt Connect:

These resources allow you to open your profile to more expectant parents and continue communication post-adoption.​

  • "AdoptMatch is an online platform that connects expectant mothers considering adoption with ethical adoption agencies and attorneys working with home study approved adoptive families."

  • "AdoptConnect offers a user-friendly, confidential platform where photos, videos and updates are digitally stored, AdoptConnect eliminates the typical challenges of post-adoption contact and paves the way for positive communication for years to come."

Self Match Tips:

A Private facebook page tthat you pay to advertise on Facebook.

A dedicated website of our adoption page.

Join Adoption scam groups on facebook

Reach out to all adoption attorneys.

Make business like cards with your website/Facebook account that you can hand out. 

Consider going on

Things to avoid or be aware of: - many families have reported only scams on this site. 

    Also if someone sends you a picture you can do a reverse image on google, and if they have no social media its a huge red flag.

Get proof of pregnancy EARLY and it is a must. Have a separate phone line for them to call so you are not giving out your phone number and a separate email account to write from so you are not sharing personal email addresses.

   We have also made business like cards with our website/Facebook account that we hand out. Social media has been huge, we have gotten contacted a few times but birth moms have been drug addicted.

Other suggestions:

Adopt Match Agencies:  

Adopt Match Attorneys:

Help Us Adopt Professional Council :

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