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Love Grown Adoption Consulting is a compassionate advocating guide as well as a supportive "family" to anyone seeking to adopt in any part of the process.

We love on the expecting family and keep the adoptees best interest in mind.

Listen to owner Paige's interview on Infant Adoption Guide Podcast!

Why Us?

  1. We only work with limited number of clients to ensure you get the time you need and that we are accessible with our resources, expertise, and our experience. We will provide support and encouragement along the way with a community of others going through the same process.

  2. We do not discriminate with who we work with no matter your religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, marital status, etc. As long as you have the heart to adopt I'm happy to work with and for you.

  3. Our fees are the lowest in the industry. I started this company because it is a passion, not to make money. I also understand firsthand the burden of adoption costs. We will assist families in financial advising, scholarship/grant assistance, and fundraising with the goal of having a debt free adoption. We also hope with the wiggle room you will register with other places too (we can help suggest places).

  4. Our number one goal is make sure you are fully educated on the adoption process and prepared for this journey. Our number two goal is for the best possible match for you, the expecting mom, and adoptee. Our number three goal is for you to see more expecting mom scenarios than you would with your agency. 

  5. We heavily vet who we work with regarding agencies and attorneys. We want to make sure the process is being done ethically and morally while keeping costs low. We want to work with people who are in this adoption world for the right reasons. We want to shield you from the scammers, liars, and greedy people. We want to make sure the expecting mom is getting the unbiased support that she deserves. 

What is a consulting company? 

Our job is to advocate those seeking to adopt by guiding you through the entire process. We never have direct contact with an expecting mother. We do help connect you to an agency/attorney that is responsible for matching. Using a consultant allows you to see many expecting mother scenarios and present your profile all over the U.S. instead of just with one agency or attorney. 

Facilitators can be illegal in some states and do have contact directly with expecting mothers. Facilitators also assist with matching a seeking to adopt family with an expecting mother.

Agencies help license families to adopt and help match families with expecting mothers along with finalizing adoptions.

We also offer over ten adoption training modules when you become a client. Also, please check out these FREE videos.

Our company is focused on adopting infants in the United States (domestically). Unfortunately we cannot work with families who live in NY or NJ at this time due to their state laws. 

Meet Our Partners
(Well some of them)
We have amazing partnerships with wonderful organizations and too many to include all of them. 
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